Tyrese talks Transformers 2 and Death Race

Tyrese Gibson is many things to different people. Gibson is a singer, actor and model who has made a name for himself with hit records and blockbuster movies including Transformers. Released on DVD recently, audiences can now see Gibson in Death Race with Joan Allen and Jason Statham.

Although often pictured, Tyrese does not consider himself a model

Waist Deep in talent

Although he has modeled, Gibson would more refer to the experience as a series of appearances. As an actor he has excelled in the gripping Four Brothers with Mark Wahlberg, Waist Deep and Transformers. Gibson is currently busy filming the Transformers sequel with Shia LaBeouf.

Gibson is known as individual with a varied resume and portfolio and to millions he is simply known as Tyrese.

Tyrese packs so much power into his pop culture contributions he warrants the singular moniker designation that mirrors other one-named entertainment phenomenons. Tyrese is a star who communicates regularly with his fans through his blog and phone-line. He is keenly aware of his influence and does not take that fact lightly. In fact, Tyrese tells us about his Punk’d episode and how Ashton Kutcher still owes him a phone call with an apology.

There is buzz beyond belief about Tyrese tackling Luke Cage on screen…something Gibson is awed that SheKnows was aware.

“Is that in press materials?” Tyrese asks. We are connected and know what’s happening in Hollywood. “Did Universal put that in the bullet points,” he asks. “Everyone’s excited about Luke Cage.”

Face of the future

SheKnows: As you came up, you had the fortune to model. How do you think having your face everywhere aided in your ascent in Hollywood? Throw in your music career and there was an audience that was more than familiar with Tyrese to where you could be in a Transformers.

Tyrese looks concerned in Transformers. Currently, Gibson's filming the sequel

Tyrese: The thing is, it’s so funny because I had this conversation with this really beautiful model yesterday and her stuff more leans towards Playboy where she’s not nude, but she’s pretty much baring all. She’s saying I want to transition into acting one day. I said ‘listen, the worst thing anyone can do in the beginning stages of their career, if they’re going the modeling route first, is be so consumed on now and not think about what people are going to make reference to in the future. Me, as a model, most of the stuff I did was tastefully done. It’s not like I’m ashamed or I’m embarrassed when they pull that picture up. It’s a no-brainer for me to make reference to what I did as a model. I never considered myself a model. It was more about guests approaching me and saying that they want me to be one of their spokesmodels — Tommy Hilfiger and whatever else. Me doing these campaigns, I was considered a model. But, I was also a musician that was looking to take advantage of all the exposure that can come from doing these campaigns. People like Tyra and Tyson Beckford, these are models and that’s what they do for a living. I was a musician that took good photos (laughs). When people see the photos – they think he’s a model. When I tell people what I do, model is not what I tell people.

Up next…Tyrese discusses his Punk’d problem and the importance of a multi-cultured cast in his film choices.


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