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Is Tara Reid rehab a stunt?

Is hard-partying actress Tara Reid still in rehab? Or did she never actually go, staging the story for publicity?

Where's Tara Reid?Those Tara Reid questions have been floating around Tinseltown this week. First Star magazine claimed that Promises rehab in Malibu actively recruited the actress because their revenues are down, stating she could attend with a “no bag check” policy in place — a charge which the celebrity favorite center vehemently denied.”The suggestion that Promises would search Hollywood for a celebrity who needs rehab in an effort to garner publicity is libelous, offensive and without merit,” reads a statement released by the facility. Star has since removed the story from their website.Story number one: Tara checked out of rehab. A source tells People, “She checked out on Saturday. She’s doing well. The whole family is very positive about this being the new beginning for her.”But the 33-year-old’s publicist Jack Ketsoyan says “it’s not true” and that Reid is still inside.Was she ever really there in the first place, though? A revealed blind item on the blog Crazy Days and Nights says that the entire rehab story was made up by Reid and her peeps for publicity. Tara is hoping to make a deal with People for a cover story upon her “release” to jump-start her career.Classic Hollywood formula that fits Reid perfectly: career starts to die, make headlines by partying. Partying kills career, go to rehab. Publicity from rehab starts to sway public opinion back in your direction, land a role. Do charity work in Africa and adopt a baby, complete image overhaul.Someone please confiscate Reid’s passport.

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