John Travolta and Kelly Preston release statement on Jett’s death

John Travolta, Kelly Preston and their daughter Ella have released a family statement on the death of son Jett. The Travolta family talks about the Scientology medication controversy.

In their statement, the Travolta family says,

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“We would like to extend our deepest and most heartfelt thanks to everyone who has sent their love and condolences. Jett was the most wonderful son that two parents could ever ask for and lit up the lives of everyone he encountered. We are heartbroken that our time with him was so brief. We will cherish the time we had with him for the rest of our lives. We have received many messages of condolence from around the world and we want to thank everyone for their prayers and support. It has meant so much to us. It is a beautiful reminder of the inherent goodness in the human spirit that gives us a hope for a brighter future.

With love,
John, Kelly and Ella”

Meanwhile, two lawyers for the family, Michael Ossi and Michael McDermott, who are acting as spokespeople, are talking about Jett’s medical condition and the controversy surrounding whether or not Travolta and Preston gave him helpful medications — an act that is against their Scientology beliefs.

The pair say that Jett suffered from “frequent and extremely serious” grand mal seizures, for which he took the strong anti-seizure medication Depakote — despite the rumors that Travolta refused to medicate his son due to his Scientology beliefs.

The medication worked well at first, reducing Jett’s seizures from every four days to once every three weeks, but after “several years” it began to lose its effectiveness. When Jett reverted to seizing once a week regardless of his dosage, Travolta and Preston stopped administering the drug after consulting with neurosurgeons.

Rumors have swirled for years that Jett actually suffered from autism, but that the Scientology beliefs of his parents prevented them from publicly admitting it — a charge the Travoltas angrily denied in 2007.

“The Travoltas are wonderful, loving parents, and their priority is their children,” a Travolta attorney said. “They have and they continue to take the best possible care of their children. To suggest anything to the contrary is very hurtful to a loving family and also would be false and defamatory.”

The family spoke to various media outlets over the years about Jett’s condition, Kawasaki disease, which can cause seizures and heart problems and is linked to harsh cleaning products, especially carpet cleaning.


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