Heather Locklear skates on DUI charge

Heather Locklear got lucky this New Year’s.

Locklear's mugshot from her DUI arrest that has been droppedSanta Barbara prosecutors allowed Heather to plead out on a lesser charge stemming from Locklear’s September DUI arrest.

The misdemeanor reckless driving plea replaces the DUI charges brought by prosecutors. They believed that although Locklear didn’t have any alcohol in her system, she was under the influence of a controlled substance.

According to attorney Blair Berk, “Heather will have to pay a $700 fine, be on informal probation for three years and attend a 12-hour drug education program.”

Locklear was not formally charged until November, after a lengthy investigation into her arrest. The DUI charge has been dismissed as part of the plea deal.

This is good news for Heather, who is gearing up for a rumored Melrose Place spin off.

“The CW is courting Heather Locklear,” a source tells E!.

“I don’t think anyone else from the original has been approached yet.”


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