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John Travolta’s son Jett death details emerge

John Travolta’s son Jett’s death finally has some answers. Jett Travolta died at the Travolta home in the Bahamas.

John Travolta and Jett on one of John's planesFamily attorneys Michael McDermott and Michael Ossi, both of whom are close friends with John Travolta and are in the Bahamas with the family, says that the police reports stating Jett was unaccounted for during a 12-hour period were false.Because of Jett’s medical conditions — he suffered from Kawasaki syndrome and seizures — there were baby monitors in his bedroom and bathroom, and a chime on the bathroom door that rang every time it was opened. The caretaker, Jeff Kathrein, was present in the suite at all times, according to McDermott and Ossi, and it appears that the fatal head injury occurred very shortly before the 16-year-old was found.

It is still unclear if Jett fell because of a seizure or if the seizure resulted from the fall. The attorneys say there was “not a tremendous amount” of blood at the scene.
A hotel manager arrived at the bathroom with Kathrein immediately and began CPR — a task John took over when he arrived shortly thereafter. He attempted to revive his son for a “substantial period of time [and] was performing CPR and continued that until EMT came and took over.”The Grand Bahamas Health Minister has assigned two pathologists to perform the autopsy on Monday, one of whom is US certified. Afterward the family plans to fly the body to Ocala, Florida, where the Travolta family makes their home.

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