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Kate Winslet leads entertainment news

Kate Winslet is the best! Winslet leads our entertainment news digest that includes the latest on how both Dr. Dre and John Travolta lost their sons and Heather Locklear’s DUI charge.

Kate Winslet shows off her Pilates bod at the Revolutionary Road premiere

Kate Winslet’s Pilates perfect bod

Kate Winslet is a magnificent actress who seems real. Winslet, 33, told the UK edition of Elle that she doesn’t go to the gym. Her vice is Pilates workouts via DVDs for 20minutes a pop.

Yet another reason why we like her: Winslet doesn’t buy into the obsessiveness of being skinny for skinny sake. Instead, she eats sensible and “I don’t stuff down chocolate biscuits.” And yet the SAG nominee is modest, too. She calls herself average and mentions she has cellulite and a “rumply tummy.”

While she has sex scenes in the highly acclaimed Revolutionary Road, Winslet has the utmost admiration for co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. She tells Elle, “He’s part of the family and I love that he’s matured into this kind, dedicated man. When we work together we instinctively know what the other one is thinking.”

Dr. Dre’s son’s death: overdose

What could be more sad than a write-up on a celeb’s son death? Yet another one that confirms the cause. Dr. Dre’s son, Andre Young, Jr. died in August from an overdose of heroin and morphine.

The Los Angeles County Department of Coroner confirmed the cause of death today. Sadly, his mother found his unresponsive body in their Woodland Hills, California home.

Our thoughts and prayers also go out to their family at this time.

Heather Locklear's DUI was dismissed

Heather Locklear’s DUI charge: dismissed!

Heather Locklear is an ageless wonder who’s been in the news more often than not lately. So were we happy to hear Locklear’s DUI charge was dismissed? You bet. Locklear plead no contest to reckless driving in Santa Barbara back in November.

Locklear was, however, sentenced to three years of informal probation. In addition, she was fined $700 and must complete a DMV twelve-hour road and safety class.

John Travolta’s Son Dies

It’s truly a heartbreaking way to begin the New Year if you’re the Travolta family. While on vacation in the Bahamas Jett Travolta, the sixteen year-old son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston died.

The family lawyer told the press that Jett had a seizure at their family home at the Old Bahama Bay Hotel on Grand Bahama Island. Apparently he hit his head in a bathtub and then suffered a seizure.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Travolta family during this time.

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