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Guy Fieri heats up

Guy Fieri, with his bleached blond spiked haircut and his surfer dude style, is definitely the hippest of all the Food Network hosts.

Guy Fieri is cooking this year on Food NetworkFieri is The Next Food Network Star winner, Guy says you don’t have to be a trained chef in order to wow them at the table. He’s a big believer in home cooking and that’s why he’s the perfect host for The Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

“Most everyone can cook something,” says Fieri. “Doesn’t matter if it’s pasta, a burger, pizza or what not but everyone can cook that one special item.”

This is season two of the Ultimate Recipe Showdown and this year Fieri is taking on the hosting duties alone. Each week, home cooks will compete in one of six categories; Comfort Food (January 4), Burgers (January 11), Cakes (January 18), Hot & Spicy (January 25) Desserts (February 8) and Hometown Favorites (February 15). In addition to the glory, the winners will take home $25,000 and someone’s recipe will be featured nationwide at TGI Fridays.

Unlike shows such Top Chef, The Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown contestants don’t have to be culinary experts.

“Some folks have more culinary talent than others,” says Fieri. “I think being cool under pressure is the best trait for a contestant to have. Maybe you are a one-trick pony with that bomb pasta dish but if you bring it, you will win.”

For those of you planning a big bash for the Super Bowl Sunday supper, Fieri has some advice.

“Cook a couple of your staples. Some people think they have to roll out an elaborate menu because it’s a holiday event. The next thing to do is practice. A lot of people think they are going to be able to pull out their best with no practice. It just doesn’t work that way,” says Fieri. “Also tell everyone whose coming they have to bring something. That way you can concentrate on your item and you don’t have to do every item for the meal.”

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