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Britney Spears’ Indian Christmas

Britney Spears, did you jet off to India to spend the holidays with your Womanizer choreographer?

Britney Spears on Christmas flying off to IndiaThat’s what The Mirror is reporting. The British tab says Britney has been seeing Womanizer choreographer Sandip Soparrkar for three weeks, and that the dancing fool swept her away for a three-day Christmas celebration in Jodhpur.

“Britney and Sandip tried to keep their reunion in India hush-hush as they’re determined to have a relationship just like any other couple,” says The Mirror’s source.

“Sandip is very down to earth and keeps Britney grounded. He’s also quite spiritual and sensitive, which is a side of him she adores,” the source continues.

“For Christmas, Sandip, or Sandy as Britney calls him, presented her with a traditional Indian sari. She wore it during a candlelit dinner.”

The pair were whispering and giggling all night. “Sandy ordered local delicacies including chicken tikka and a cottage cheese curry,” The Mirror continues.

“Britney was nicking the dough balls from his plate. It was really cute.”

But would dad Jamie Spears really let Britney out of his sight, and control, for that long? Much less with a Womanizer?

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