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24-27: Studio Chief: You’re a Hollywood Power Broker
20-23: Producer: You can make things happen
14-19: Agent: you know the ins and outs of Hollywood
10-13: Celebrity Actor: You’re face is everywhere, but Hollywood history, not your strong suit.
5-9: Mailroom: You got some mojo, keep at it
0-4: Get back on the bus and head home



Gladiator clocked in with 11 nods...was that enough?1. Which two films tie for the record of most Oscar nominations?
a. Gone with the Wind, From Here to Eternity
b. Schindler’s List, Gladiator
c. Titanic, All About Eve
d. Chicago, Forrest Gump
e. The English Patient, Dances with Wolves

2. Which three films own the record for most Oscar wins?
a. Gladiator, Terms of Endearment, Annie Hall 
b. Schindler’s List, Dances with Wolves, Out of Africa
c. Titanic, Ben Hur, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
d. Gone with the Wind, On the Waterfront, Ghandi
e. Saving Private Ryan, Mary Poppins, Chicago 

3. What is the highest grossing Oscar Best Picture winner?

a. Titanic
b. Dances with Wolves
c. Braveheart
d. Mary Poppins
e. Gone with the Wind

4. What year was the first televised Oscars held?

a. 1950
b. 1952
c. 1953
d. 1955
e. 1957

5. Who of these superstars, has never been nominated?
a. Brad Pitt
b. Leonardo DiCaprio
c. Keira Knightley
d. Ben Affleck
e. Demi Moore

Meryl Streep dazzles in The Devil Wears Prada

6. What performer holds the record for most Oscar nominations?
a. Meryl Streep
b. Daniel Day Lewis
c. Al Pacino
d. Robert DeNiro
e. Tom Hanks

Has Lauren Bacall won an Oscar?7. Who of these talents, has been nominated, but never won an Oscar?

a. Lauren Bacall
b. Robert DeNiro
c. Ben Kingsley
d. Anthony Hopkins
e. Humphrey Bogart

8. What film won the first Oscar?

a. Gone with the Wind
b. Wings
c. The Jazz Singer
d. Casablanca
e. Birth of a Nation

9. Who has only won once Oscars?
a. Gene Hackman
b. Susan Sarandon
c. Steven Spielberg
d. Jack Nicholson
e. Dustin Hoffman

10. Which of these Hollywood heavyweights have won Oscars two years in a row?
a. Tom Hanks-Kathryn Hepburn

b. Steven Spielberg-George Lucas
c. Judi Dench-Gwyneth Paltrow
d. Clint Eastwood-Al Pacino
e. Laurence Olivier-Elizabeth Taylor

11. Name the three films with an animal in the title that won Best Picture.
a. Lion King, Gorilla in the Midst, Deer Hunter
b. Catwoman, Dog Day Afternoon, Wag the Dog
c. Deer Hunter, Silence of the Lambs, Dancing with Wolves
d. Lion in Winter, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Black Stallion
e. To Kill a Mockingbird, Raging Bull, Cat Ballou

12. Which of these parent-child combinations have won Oscars?
a. Goldie Hawn-Kate Hudson
b. Michael Douglas-Kirk Douglas
c. Gwyneth Paltrow-Blythe Danner
d. Francis Ford Coppola-Sofia Coppola
Goldie and Kate...have they both won Oscars?e. Jane Fonda-Henry Fonda

13. What director had the longest winless streak from first nomination to win?
a. Steven Spielberg
b. Martin Scorsese
c. Robert Zemeckis
d. Francis Ford Coppola
e. George Lucas

14. What director had the shortest winless streak from first nomination to win?
a. Steven Spielberg
b. Kevin Costner
c. Mike Nichols
d. Frank Capra
e. Francis Ford Coppola

15. What arena was built in 2006 to host the Oscars in Hollywood?

a. The Noika Theatre
b. The Staples Center
c. The Kodak Theatre
d. The Hollywood Bowl
e. Geffen Theatre

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