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Beyonce debuts two new videos

Beyonce has two Christmas gifts for her fans — new videos for her singles Halo and Diva, both released on the same day. SheKnows has Halo!

Beyonce: Halo:

The first of Beyonce’s new videos is for Halo. Beyonce is set to rule the winter with her Sasha Fierce album.

The second, for the single Diva, was removed from YouTube due to a terms of use infringement: the user didn’t have permission to post it. But, we did see it and can safely say it features Sasha Fierce in all her Mad Max glory.


Beyonce, still a newlywed, recently tells reporters the only thing she’s ready to give birth to any time soon is creativity.


“I know I want kids but I have never been a girl who sees a baby and goes, ‘Oh! I want one!’ But when I do eventually have a child, I can only pray he is as amazing as my nephew Jules. He’s just the best. He is also a lot of work!” she says.


“I’ve seen the reality of having a kid and I know I’m not quite ready for it yet.”


Seeing her sister give birth is one of the reasons why the singer wants to wait — she’s totally grossed out by the whole experience. “I have a nephew, my sister’s son and I was there in the delivery room when he was born,” Beyonce



“I had begged my sister, ‘Please don’t make me because it’s going to traumatise me’. But she talked me into it — and I was right! I’m scared of that! I mean, it was amazing and I cried when he was born but it’s hard.”

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