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Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow in Entertainment news

Oprah gains and Gwyneth Paltrow writes. These stories, American Idol news, and more in today’s Entertainment News.

Gwyneth has a budding career as a blogger

Gwyneth Paltrow is a budding blogger

We don’t talk about her enough but Gwyneth Paltrow seems to embody the quintessential glam starlet. Beautiful. Amazing family. And fame, baby fame.

Following the suit of other celebutante’s and powerhouses (by that we mean a clothing line, fragrance, and ultimately a brand), she’s dished about recipes and gift ideas on her website,

Gwyneth Paltrow: “What is holiday spirit? For me, it means helping to create that atmosphere where loved ones feel full of cheer, like some happy secret is about to be revealed.”

David Copperfield magic gone awry

He’s synonymous with magic. David Copperfield. So we wonder after how many amazing tricks he’s done why there actually haven’t been more calamities. Seriously in a gazillion ain’t bad.
Not to diminish the news of course that one of his employees was hospitalized with a broken arm after the illusionist made a faux pas. The scoop: Copperfield was working on a fan illusion and the employee got his arm caught in the fan. Although the magician looks like he walks through the fan and then disappears as he melds into smoke, the freak accident occurred in Vegas.

The show was stopped after the incident but he’s apparently done it 3,000 times without any mishaps. He’ll continue to perform this in his act at the MGM Grand.

The show must go on!

Denise and Charlie’s nasty divorce continues

The last time we checked, Charlie Sheen and his ex, Denise Richards, were on oh-so unpleasant terms. Then there were public squabbles and we’re sure not-so-public surrounding her reality show on E! Denise Richards: It’s Complicated. Rumors swirled as her daughters are on it and people felt she sought the public eye while pimpin’ out her kids in the name of making a few bucks.

Denise's nanny had an accidentAnyhow, when it comes to their kids’ safety it’s a whole other matter. Sam and Lola Rose Sheen were involved in a four car pile up on Friday in Malibu. As for the details, they were in an SUV driven by a nanny when a Honda swerved in front of them. Apparently only the Honda driver was injured so the driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Charlie’s rep said his four and three year-old are both fine and the accident could have been a lot worse.

“He was very grateful the girls were in their car seats and for the safety features of Mercedes.”

While a rep for Denise had no comment, the little siblings are going to have half-siblings this spring when papa Sheen and his newlywed spouse Brooke Mueller give birth to twin boys.

American Idol news

Let’s face it: we crave it, we yearn for it and coming in January for its eighth season on Fox, American Idol is getting a minor facelift. Consider it Botox for the beaudacious singers.

As for the first one on the agenda? Bizarre American Idol auditions (remember William Hung with his infamous rendition of Ricky Martin’s She Bangs? Then again, let’s not and say we did). Instead of the best and most outlandish auditions for one entire month we’ll get to see it for three weeks. Next on tap, there will be two weeks of the Hollywood round.

Instead of booting off contenders to a magical number of 24, a total of 36 contestants will remain with their eye on the prize duking it out to be the best performer in the land.

During the course of American Idol they’ll be reduced to a Top 12. And get this – we’re kinda psyched about it, too – a wild card round is going to be back and better than ever. Idol Gives Back will not be back but there will be more two hour episodes.

Oprah out and about has said she plans on working it off

Oprah, say it ain’t so!

We heart Oprah, we truly do. Media powerhouse, spiritual leader and oh yes, those fantastic book clubs!

When it comes to her weight however we must admit, it’s nice knowing she’s one of us. In the past two years she gained forty (as in the big 4-0) pounds and is confronting it head on. “I’m mad at myself,” she says as she has “fallen off the wagon.”

In the January issue of O Oprah says it’s embarrassing after all these years to still talk about her weight. Remember twenty years ago (seriously, we can’t believe it was 1988 either) when she hauled a wagon full of fat to equate to 67 pounds she shed and pranced around in her size 10 Calvin Klein jeans?

Well, that diet was literally all liquid and we know how they end up. Usually packing on even more pounds than when you started, she mentioned two hours after that show aired she started eating again to celebrate.

As Oprah confronts the issue yet again she says she felt like a fat cow recently and simply wanted to disappear at a Vegas show taping with Tina Turner and Cher.

As we can imagine she’ll look dazzling no matter what on Inauguration Day, we’re sure her focus on controlling her weight will also inspire many of her viewers, too.

Go get ’em, O!

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