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Top 10 TV moments of 2008

Top 10 TV 2008 is a diverse group of programming including 30 Rock and Mad Men. Let’s not count out the movies such as Recount and Raisin in the Sun. The Top 10 TV moments also feature the historic election by Barack Obama, Tina Fey having a year unlike any other and Michael Phelps increasing America’s pulse. The Emmys may decide TV’s best of the year, but the SheKnows Top 10 TV moments is your definitive look at the year in television.

Raisin in the Sun

P. Diddy can act! The entire cast of this ABC made-for-TV movie is top notch. Led by Cosby mom Phylicia Rashad, the Lorraine Hansberry classic came to life for a new generation of television viewers and scored an emotional knockout in the process. Nominated for numerous Emmys, count on Raisin in the Sun to nab at least one statue for its stellar work. It honestly makes us look forward to P. Diddy’s next gig as a thespian!


P Diddy and Rashad bring a Raisin to remember

TV movies come and go, but the update of Raisin in the Sun proves that the genre within a genre is as strong as ever. Drama was the goal of Raisin in the Sun and it achieved that hope in droves.

Mad Men

Mad Men’s entire season in 2008 was flawless. Do not be surprised if the entire cast and production crew is heavily rewarded this award season. Mad Men showcased why America turns on its television. Solid drama, great writing, personal intrigue and acting beyond compare is why Mad Men is one of 2008’s best of TV.

From its astounding premiere to season ender that left its audiences craving more Mad-ness. Its Emmy nominations and award sweeps of 2008 set AMC’s Mad Men up to be the one to watch to grab Soprano’s mantle as the Must-See-Show in TV.

Mad Men captures its era

30 Rock

Tina Fey had an impeccable 2008. Sure, her Sarah Palin was perfect, but it is her writing and acting abilities on her NBC sitcom that has set her apart in 2008. 30 Rock was equally smart and sassy in 2008. When guest stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Steve Martin and the Queen of all Media herself, Oprah Winfrey, guest stars, Fey and company are making all the right moves.

Jack and Liz Lemon in their 30 Rock glory

The Tudors

Showtime’s monster hit features one of the great performances by an actor to portray a royal. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was born to portray Henry VIII as he made his way through wives and Europe with the fiercest of power rushes. If Emmy does not give Rhys-Meyers a statue before this show retires, it is a crime.

The Tudors, one of 2008's best on TV

Lost season finale

The entire season was much improved from the season before, but it was the two-hour season finale that put Lost back on the TV map. Lost season finale brought all of the elements together that made ABC’s island fantasy one of TV history’s legendary shows. After the two hour epic that was Lost’s season finale, awaiting their January 2009 arrival has us panting with baited breath.

Jack tells Kate we have to go back on Lost

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