Survivor: Gabon inside interviews

Dec 22, 2008 at 7:58 p.m. ET

Survivor: Gabon contestants had their hands full this season. We've got the scoop from several Survivor: Gabon cast interviews.

Matty strategizes on Survivor: GabonReality TV Magazine has the inside scoop on several of the contestants from the Survivors themselves.

First up is Reality TV Magazine's Ryan Haidet's interview with Survivor: Gabon's Kenny Hoang.

Coming in fifth place, Kenny's fate was sealed after a deal he had made with Bob fell through. Kenny said Bob had agreed to hand over the immunity necklace if he won it at the next challenge. This would make up for the lie Bob told to Kenny about the fake idol he fashioned in an effort to save Corinne. "When I talked to Bob that night, my plan was for him to give me the immunity necklace since he was on an immunity run and such a huge threat," Kenny said. "I didn't even ask for it — he was the one who came up and he's like, 'OK, I'll give you immunity if you don't win the next time.'"

Read the rest of the Hoang's interview here.

Next is Survivor: Gabon's hopeless romantic, Matty Whitmore. His insight to Reality TV Magazine's Haidet is priceless.

Matty was eliminated after Bob Crowley — the eventual winner of the $1 million — made fire quicker than he did in a tie-breaker challenge. "That felt pretty horrible because looking over at Bob — the ultimate Survivor — the guy's got skills that I don't know where they come from, but he's got them. I probably defeated myself prior to the whole thing because I was intimidated and I knew Bob's ability out there — his ability to make fire and make cages and traps and forts. He's the man. I was nervous." 

Read the rest of Whitmore's interview here.

Sugar working the red carpetJessica "Sugar" Kiper was unforgettable in Survivor: Gabon's adventure. The reality TV star told RTV's Haidet that "the game made me stronger, the people made me stronger. Even knowing, which I didn't know Randy and Corinne's existed on this planet, made me stronger — so now I know what to look out for." 

Check out her thoughts on being on Exile Island so often:

"I feel like I got led by something to each clue by something, because it could've been six different places within three miles. And then I'd see a tree over here, I'd see a tree over there, 'I guess I'll start with that one, that one looks good.' Some of my friends were like, 'Do you think it's because you're an actor and that you may have recognized what might look better?' I was like, 'You know what, that is a pretty good assumption, I might be cracked.' All right, but either way I'd like to say it was my dad, because I definitely did spend a lot of time with him in the hammock." 

Read the rest of Sugar's interview here.

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