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2008 Top 25 songs

Britney, Pink or Katy Perry? The top songs of 2008 was so difficult to narrow down. The SheKnows normal year-end Top 10 had to become the Top 25 songs of 2008.

Gives You Hell, All American Rejects

The All American Rejects returned to a pop scene they helped energize and with Gives You Hell have found a way to continue their journey to take over rock music with a pop music flair not seen since Jesus Jones.

Keeps Gettin’ Better, Christina Aguilera

Keeps Gettin’ Better, Christina Aguilera
Aguilera releases a greatest hits album in time for Christmas and for the token new song Keeps Gettin’ Better arises as one of 2008’s best songs. Directed by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, The Kingdom) Keeps Gettin’ Better could easily serve as the sequel to Speed Racer. Only, this piece of filmmaking, SheKnows will watch.


Love Remains the Same, Gavin Rossdale

Rocking out beyond his wife Gwen Stefani’s shadow, Gavin Rosdale scored his first hit in a decade with Love Remains the Same. Rossdale’s heart-warming ode to long-term love found itself the theme to Nicholas Sparks’ fall film, Nights in Rodanthe, which only furthered this song’s amorous appeal. Here’s Gavin on the Bonnie Hunt Show performing.

Hot n’ Cold, Katy Perry

There is nothing cold about Katy Perry’s career in 2008. Perry’s Kissed A Girl is still to come on our countdown, but for all-out fun and dance floor manic-ness, there was no better rock dance song this year than Hot n’ Cold.


I’m Yours, Jason Mraz

Ever the romantic, San Diego’s Jason Mraz scored not only a hit with I’m Yours in 2008, Mraz is also now a Grammy nominee.

Let it Rock, Kevin Rudolf f. Lil’ Wayne

One of the SheKnows Ear Candy selections of 2008, Kevin Rudolf nabbed himself one of the year’s hottest rappers, tossed in one of the most catchy riffs in all of 2008 and Let it Rock

Last Name, Carrie Underwood

The prequel to Before He Cheats showed that not only was Carrie Underwood not a one-album wonder, but that there is more depth to this country pop princess than a gorgeous image and an American Idol title. Here’s Carrie on American Idol!


Shut up and let me Go, The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings begging for romantic release was also an Ear Candy in 2008 at SheKnows. Shut Up and Let Me Go was both indie, pop, rock and alternative in one three minute mix of all things sonically succulent.  

Up next…Pete Wentz and Fall Out Boy

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