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Guns N’ Roses drummer heads to rehab

Guns N’ Roses former drummer Steven Adler has shocked no one by heading to rehab for the holidays.

Steven Adler in happier timesAdler was ordered to a state-mandated drug-treatment program on Friday by a Los Angeles court commissioner after the 43-year-old plead no contest to felony drug charges last month.

Making the plea deal means Adler will most likely avoid jail time and receive probation instead, as long as he completes the rehab stint. Prosecutors also agreed to drop the misdemeanor count of being under the influence.

Adler was arrested in July at his Hollywood home after neighbors complained of a man making a disturbance around four in the morning. He also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest issued after he skipped a 2005 court date on charges of being under the influence (again) and driving with a suspended license.

The drummer’s drug problems are old news. He was briefly kicked out of Guns N’ Roses in 1989 because of his heroin habit, then allowed back in after signing a contract agreeing not to use. Guns N’ Roses kicked him out again in 1990 after he started showing up to recording sessions high.

Adler was busted in 1995 after being found slumped over the steering wheel of his car, suffering from an apparent overdose. Adler then suffered a series of drug-related strokes in 1996 leaving him with a speech impediment.

Adler recently took his addiction troubles public, appearing on Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew. He checked out of that facility on Friday to check into his new rehab center.

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