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Matthew McConaughey wears a shirt

Matthew McConaughey startled his neighbors.

Matthew McConaughey jogs in Malibu...dressed?The Malibu residents could not believe their eyes this weekend when normally nearly naked star Matthew McConaughey was seen jogging in actual, real-life clothes!

McConaughey is a Malibu fixture, hanging with the local surfers, out on the beach, running, biking, and generally being gorgeous –albeit probably rather smelly — nearly always topless.

But, because of the freak cold front that has hit most of the US, including an unheard of touch of snow in Malibu, California, McConaughey has been forced to cover up during his daily wanderings about town.

Has Hell frozen over?

Yes, if Hell equals LA, and trust me — it does.

Baby mama Camila Alves and McConaughey’s baby Levi did not join McConaughey on his run, content to wait for him to return home and strip down to his normal, unfettered state.

The Texas-born actor was once arrested in his own home naked while playing the bongos.

McConaughey was recently seen on screen in Fool’s Gold with Kate Hudson and Tropic Thunder with Robert Downey, Jr and Ben Stiller.

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