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Oprah is PETA’s Person of the Year

Oprah Winfrey is PETA’s Person of the Year. The animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals named Oprah this year’s best to animals.

Oprah: PETA's person of the yearOprah used her show in 2008 to educate her viewers on the atrocious conditions and horrendous cases of abuse in puppy mills. Oprah also highlighted a cruelty-free vegan diet she tried, while encouraging viewers to do the same.

The media queen is a vocal animal lover. Her dogs have been featured on her show and in her magazine, O, many times. In fact, Oprah often refers to them as her children.

The mogul was devastated earlier this year when one of her beloved Golden Retrievers, Gracie, died after choking on a plastic ball.

In her puppy mills show, Winfrey also showed the process of euthanasia, in which millions of animals are killed due to over population. Despite being appropriate companion animals, there just are not enough homes, or money to keep them in shelters.

But fans wonder if Oprah has given up her past fondness for fur — including mink eyelashes — and leather?

Just last year Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld gifted Oprah with 21 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, many of which were leather.

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