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Meg Ryan and The Women DVD debut

Meg Ryan’s The Women arrives on DVD December 21 for the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for the girlfriends or yourself.

The Women is a star studded film featuring Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Jada Pinkett Smith, Debra Messing, Debi Mazar, Cloris Leachman and Bette Milder to name a few.

The Women DVD is an all-star collection of actresses

The story of the women is how a group of friends come together when one of their own suffers from an unfaithful husband. Ryan portrays the scorned woman and Mendes is scorching as the perfume girl who gets in the way.

Watching these women relish in The Women is one of the fun moments in cinema this year.

I caught up with the ladies of The Women when the filmed arrived in theaters. Don’t miss those compelling and fun interviews below. And don’t forget to pick up The Women on DVD December 21.

The Women: Meg Ryan and Annette Bening

Ryan and Bening are the film’s top stars as these BFFs come together like never before as Ryan’s character suffers through infidelity.

The Women: Eva Mendes

Mendes plays the other woman and admited to me that her scenes of redemption were cut from the film and she hoped they’d land on the The Women DVD. Did they? Check out the DVD and find out. Thanks to Warner Brothers Home Video.

The Women: Debra Messing and Jada Pinkett Smith

The Women’s main moms talk about the virtues of Diane English. The filmmaker spent 12 years putting The Women on screen and Messing and Pinkett Smith say that her will is an inspiration to women everywhere.

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