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The Price is Right controversial win

The Price is Right makes history. For only the second time, a contestant won the double showcase on The Price is Right! But many fans of the Drew Carey hosted show say the price is wrong — and the win is a cheat.

Contestants Terry and Sharon were up against each other in the show’s famed Showcase Showdown. Normally, whoever bids closest to the price of their designated showcase wins it, but a special clause states that if a contestant hits the nail on the head, he or she wins both prizes.

And that is exactly what Terry did — causing many Price is Right fans to cry foul.

The Price is Right, or wrong?Here’s the Price is Right inside scoop:
It is no secret that most contestants on the show base their bids on what the audience tells them.

One particular audience member is a regular, and had many of the prize prices memorized, because the Price is Right show repeats prizes and prices on a very frequent basis. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that pattern.

This audience member shouted out the right amount for a car that Sharon had bid on earlier.

In the video, you can see Terry looking in the direction of one particular person in the audience while calculating his bid — the same man who gave Sharon her car bid.

A man claiming to be that very audience member has been talking about the experience on game show message board

When host Drew Carey saw that Terry bid the exact amount, he halted production for 45 minutes while producers made sure nothing unsavory had happened. By-the-by, the airing of the show was delayed three weeks for the same reason.

But the win was indeed fair — the networks Standards and Practices department gave it the seal of approval.

Much more suspicious? Carey’s blase reaction to the historic moment. Regular viewers have seen him get more excited over a Hot Pocket.

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