Mark Ruffalo brother’s death ruled murder

Mark Ruffalo’s brother’s death has officially been deemed a homicide. A week after the main suspect in the case claimed Scott Ruffalo shot himself, a suspect has been arrested.

Shaha Mishaal Adha, questioned by police in Scott Ruffalo's deathScott Ruffalo was taken off life support and died last week, seven days after suffering a gunshot wound in the back of the head. Shaha Mishaal Adha, 26, who was present at the time of the shooting, was arrested as the main suspect but released and cleared.

Adha’s attorney, Ronald Richards, then made the rounds of any press person who would listen, claiming Ruffalo’s death was the result of a game of Russian Roulette — and Ruffalo lost. Richards continues to smear the dead man’s character, saying Ruffalo was a habitual drug user and was “under the use of controlled substances” the night he was shot.

The LA County Coroner now says they have determined someone else shot the brother of Mark Ruffalo.

Kristian Muradaz, 29, was also arrested and held without bail the day after the shooting, but was released less than three days later without being charged. A third man, Brian Burton Scofield, was also booked and released without being charged.

Adha, a self-described “Saudi princess”, belongs to a wealthy Beverly Hills family and parties with the likes of Paris Hilton. Her sister dated Brandon Davis, which proves a genetic predisposition to poor judgement.

According to Richards, Adha and Ruffalo had a business relationship. “He was her hairdresser. They knew each for a year,” he said.

Richards also claims Adha saw Ruffalo play Russian Roulette several times in the past — but her claims are now falling on deaf ears.

What is being covered up? What really happened that night? Mark Ruffalo has already dropped out of his next movie — perhaps to find the answers to these very questions.

December 18, 2008


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