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10 Top TV moments to watch in 2009

Lost returns in 2009! What are the updates on the other TV can’t-miss shows including The Office, Dexter and The Hills?

Some of the things to watch for when your favorite shows (or ones you haven’t seen) return in 2009.

2008 is so last year!

Sure the year in TV was great and full of memorable moments, but frankly we’ve had enough of the “Best of 2008” lists. So we’re looking forward to 2009 instead. Here are some of our most-anticipated television events coming up after the New Year …

The Office goes after the Super Bowl10. Things Can Only Get Better. Volume IV of lackluster Heroes premieres February 2. Will it be any good? We wouldn’t bet on it, but on the flip side, can you get worse than Volume III: Villains? Doubtful! Nice.

9. One Super Night. February 1 marks Super Bowl XLIII on NBC and all the musical extravagance and memorable commercials (assuming companies have any money left) that supplement the NFL title game. It also means an hour-long episode of The Office after the gridiron classic. The post-Super Bowl slot virtually guarantees a great episode, and with Jack Black set to guest star, Super Bowl viewers who haven’t fallen deep into a food coma by 10:30 p.m. should be treated to a buffet of hilarious The Office quotes.

8. Feel the Love. The Big Love, that is. HBO’s bizarre and wonderful polygamist drama finally returns January 18 after an 18 month-hiatus. If you haven’t seen it before, give it a shot. It sounds crazy, but get ready to be hooked by a show about the life and times of a bunch of fundamentalist Mormons.

7. Turning on the Lights. Grateful as we are to DirecTV for salvaging Friday Night Lights, give us a break. No one gets stupid DirecTV, leaving a void for most of the show’s ardent fans in ’08. Well, January 16 marks the long-awaited NBC premiere of Friday Night Lights‘ third season – on Friday night, of course. Amazingly, those lucky enough to be watching the current season already claim it’s as good – if not better – than the first two. Now that’s worth seeing.

6. She’s a Doll. Of all the new shows premiering early next year, the Joss Whedon vehicle Dollhouse may be the most intriguing, and not just because star Eliza Dushku a cutie. Although she is. Props to FOX for going to the sci-fi well again after already scoring a modest hit this fall Fringe.

Eliza Dushku has a Dollhouse

5. Head For The Hills. You can’t escape MTV’s signature series, which not only plans to air a fifth season, but a spin-off, The City following career girl Whitney Port. You know a Spencer and Heidi “Newlyweds” remake is only so far off.

4. A Killer Fall You’re going to have to wait until next fall for the fourth season of Dexter on Showtime, which is disappointing, but gives you time to rent the first three seasons on DVD. You won’t be disappointed.

3. The Mother of All Comedies. Proving there’s still room for a quirky sitcom on network television, CBS’ How I Met Your Mother actually gets better with age. So much so that we can even excuse its planned Spencer Pratt and Kim Kardashian cameos.

Lost returns January 212. The Rise of the CW. Say what you will about it, but the much-maligned network has one of TV’s guiltiest pleasures and hottest phenomena in Gossip Girl, and is trying to cement its status as teen soap central with a remake of Melrose Place supposedly on tap. It’s already remade 90210, remember, and is talking about spinning off Gossip Girl as well. Combined with the seemingly never-ending One Tree Hill and a hidden freshman gem we like to call Privileged, we could be looking at the rise of a CW dynasty. We almost wrote that with a straight face. Almost.

1. At long last, Lost. Yes. Season Five of Lost begins with the first of 17 new episodes January 21. Further elaboration is not required. SIDE NOTE: Can we please institute a global nonproliferation pact regarding Lost spoilers? This isn’t Grey’s Anatomy. Keeping viewers riveted, guessing and on the edge of the couch in suspense all week/month/year is what Lost does. Even glancing at some spoiler by accident while surfing the web can ruin something. This proposed pact would also involve penalties for idiot fans posting about the series on Facebook. Some of us haven’t seen it yet, okay? So there. We now step off our soapbox to wish you a happy 2009 – and happy viewing!

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