Seven Pounds Rosario Dawson shares Will Smith journey

Dec 16, 2008 at 3:33 p.m. ET

Rosario Dawson knocks Will Smith off his feet in the new film, Seven Pounds. Dawson is glowing about the role and the film that packs an emotional punch.

Rosario Dawson in Will Smith's Seven Pounds

Rosario Dawson is driven

Dawson stars with Will Smith in Seven Pounds as Emily Posa. The film has generated excitement without giving away too much of the plot. Actually, hardly any of the story is actually known other than Will Smith helps people.

"This is one of the best scripts I've ever read, period," Dawson says.

"I knew from that moment on, I would do it. My mother's heard about it. My grandmother's heard about it. My entire family's heard about it. This was a character that I loved. This was a journey that I adored. These are people that I was really moved by the authenticity of them."

Portraying Emily in Seven Pounds for Dawson required much of the actress emotionally. It was a psychologically draining part. "In the beginning when they (Will Smith's Ben Thomas and Emily) first meet, Emily is feeling alone. I started to think about what her financial situation is, what her health is -- on a deep level," Dawson says.

Rosario Dawson digs deep

Dawson settled into the mindset of someone truly at rock bottom on many levels. "OK, what am I going to do with my home? What am I going to do with my dog? I am no longer able to work anymore. The things that I can normally do – taking care of myself and being stubborn and independent – aren't working anymore," Dawson says.

Emily reaches a potentially depressing plateau where she now knows, there is no turning back. "There's a certain part of me that realizes no matter what at this point, I'm at the mercy of others. I think she's just starting to grapple with that in a very real way. Now, it's too the point where it's not a matter of whether she can live with it or not. It's a matter of whether she will live or not, period."

An emotionally charged film can also be touching and romantic. Seven Pounds achieves that mark on many levels with romantic stories that expand the notion of cinematic love.

Is it love between Will Smith and Rosario Dawson?

"It's a little misleading to say that this is a love story because it's love in so many different ways," Dawson admits.

"It's love that you hope for. It's love that you have accept within yourself. It's love for family, strangers -- just life itself," Dawson says.

Rosario Dawson's proudest

After starring in Sin City, Clerks II, Alexander, Rent and Eagle Eye, Dawson is set to join the upper ranks of A-list actresses in Hollywood with her performance in Seven Pounds.

Rosario Dawson in Sin City, watch out for Sin City 2Dawson is as emotionally compelling as she is transfixing to watch on screen.

For Dawson, to arrive at this point to be in an Oscar talked about film is pure bliss. But, the greatest blessing for her is being a part of a story that is so rich.

"It's nostalgic. It's present. It's all over the place," Dawson raves. "The experience of these different people and how they love and don't love each other and the reach out that is so difficult for people to do except in crisis, you know?"

When her Emily and Ben Thomas (Will Smith) connect, the power of Seven Pounds explodes. "That's what so amazing is what happens between these two people is so startling," Dawson says.

The Seven Pounds script pulled Dawson aboard, but it was working with Will Smith that truly was the icing on this professional cake.

"I knew that I wanted to be a part of this because I will become such a better actor. I will learn so much from Will," Dawson says. "We are all pushing ourselves so hard. People are going to really appreciate that level of commitment that Will has put into this journey of his character."

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