All American Rejects Gives You Hell

All American Rejects release When the World Comes Down and lead singer Tyson Ritter gives exclusive insight into the conquering of pop music.

Tyson Ritter is ready for his close-upThe band out of Stillwater, Oklahoma has found themselves at the top of the pops once again after their breakthrough 2005 hits Move Along and Dirty Little Secret.

With their Gives You Hell return to pop music, The All American Rejects are anything but rejected. An audience of millions has embraced their inescapable, incisively catchy songs.

Gives You Hell has been burning up the charts as the All American Rejects first single and as The Rejects’ front man sat down with SheKnows for a chat about dreams, fame and a destiny born from a father possessing a passion for music of all rocking forms.

World renowned rejects

SheKnows: Hi Tyson, thanks for speaking with SheKnows.

Tyson Ritter: SheKnows, that sounds pretty cool, what’s that about.

SheKnows: Only the best online site in the world.

Tyson Ritter: And you keep it cool.

SheKnows: I suppose so. So, how are things with All American Rejects with a new album arriving in stores?

Tyson Ritter: Everybody’s pumped. We just spent the last year putting everything we have into something. We’re ready to go play it.

SheKnows: Thus far, have you had a chance to perform any of the new material for your fans?

All American Rejects tour

Tyson Ritter: We start a tour tonight in Orlando, actually.

SheKnows: Wow, over the years, I’m sure the emotions have changed, but how are feeling currently on the eve of a new tour?

Tyson Ritter: Oh, man, I’m seeing the road ahead and I know it’s going to be long. But, I know it’s going to be an exciting journey. This is our greatest work and hopefully, that translates on the road.

SheKnows: You’re fans are so passionate…

Tyson Ritter: We have the best fans in the world, man. The best!

SheKnows: I caught you guys in San Diego last year, to see all those kids singing every word. Does it still give you chills?

Tyson Ritter: We’re a bunch of Oklahoma musicians that gets San Diego up and rocking (laughs). Yeah!

Tyson Ritter and The All American Rejects

SheKnows: Are you still amazed at this phenomenon that’s going on around All American Rejects?

Tyson Ritter: Yeah, there is not a day I don’t wake up and pinch myself and think, ‘does this (expletive) really happen. When we got off the road a year ago, I was sitting at my house in Florida and I was thinking, ‘how the hell did I get to Florida?’ (laughs). It’s often undeserving, but it’s someone’s got to do it, I’m glad it’s me (laughs)!

All in a name

SheKnows: Yeah, right! Therefore, I think there’s a bit of irony in your name – All American Rejects.

Tyson Ritter: We put our records out during the Bush administration. People asked if it was some sort of connotation against President Bush. Hell no, we’re just from Oklahoma. We don’t feel like we belong anywhere. Now, it’s like, if the last eight years define America, we’re all, All American Rejects.

SheKnows: How is the reaction overseas? Not with your name, but with the sound.

Tyson Ritter: The kids in the UK are twice as die hard as here. It’s crazy. You know how radio works here. We’re the band on pop radio. Over in the UK, we’re this Indie band that doesn’t get much radio play.

All American Rejects brings it downSheKnows: Are you getting to tour overseas on this jaunt?

Tyson Ritter: We’ll be over there in February. We’re the band that’s really old school. We tour constantly. Someone once told me, if you don’t tour then no one will like you. So, we’ve been over there 13 times in the last six years and it’s been very good to us.

SheKnows: For you as a band, how do you think you’ve grown musically and personally?

Tyson Ritter: I think When the World Comes Down has been a journey. I was 23 when I started writing this record. I’m 24 now. I guess…people say when you graduate college you figure out who you are. If I had graduated college, this would be that moment – now. I think I was most questioning life when I was getting off the road with Move Along and this record was therapy for me. It’s everything I needed it to be for me.

Dad: the original Reject

SheKnows: Growing up in Oklahoma, whose music rocked your world?

Tyson Ritter: Anything my dad would play. My routine was my dad would pick me up from school and he’d have a six pack and jump on the dirt roads and it would take us two and a half hours to get home. We’d listen to the Black Crowes, AC/DC, Stone Temple Pilots and INXS. My dad had a really good array of music. One thing I really like about my father is I get a lot from my dad. He loved the sexual energy of Rock n’ Roll. He showed me Rock n’ Roll is dangerous.

SheKnows: And here you are, I can’t imagine why!

Tyson Ritter: (laughs) My dad taught me right.

SheKnows: He sure did.


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