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Heidi and Spencer wedding on The Hills

Heidi and Spencer’s wedding was The Hills can’t miss of the season. Except, we never saw it.

Heidi and Spencer share Christmas cheer with SantaAlthough the world has already seen the photos in Us Magazine, The Hills super couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, had their wedding as the main focus of the December 15 episode on MTV.

The reality TV hit was, of course, allowed to come along for the Heidi and Spencer wedding getaway to Mexico to capture the lovebirds for an audience of millions.

Heidi’s parents are quite upset they were not told of the wedding. That portion of the story will probably not make the cut to the 22 minutes that end up airing on MTV.

Watch for Spencer in his bearded-beastly-best to seem eerily calm for someone who keenly is aware that his marriage to Heidi is not only not legal, but more publicity stunt than love.

Is it us, or is The Hills continuing to bring the heat week after week that demands the Heidi, Spencer, Lauren and Audrina show return to MTV more than twice per year for its seasonal run? Call MTV and demand that The Hills keep us enthralled, year-round.

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