Madonna divorce settlement: $75 million

Madonna and Guy Ritchie finalized their divorce settlement and Ritchie is celebrating his $75 million windfall this Christmas from Madonna.

Madonna divorce only costs $75 millionLiz Rosenberg, Madonna’s longtime spokesperson, confirms that the settlement includes the value of the couple’s Ashcombe estate in England, where Madonna sustained major injuries after a fall from a horse.

“I’d assume it’s one of the largest payouts ever in a divorce,” Rosenberg says.

It’s hardly a drop in the bucket for Madge, though — her reported net worth of $850 million will see her through the hard times with reported new toy A-Rod.

The holidays are sure to be an awkward time for the freshly-divorced celebrity couple, and we do hope Guy has stocked up the liquor cabinet in preparation for it.

Madonna will take time off of her Sticky & Sweet tour and arrive in England a few days before Christmas with the couple’s three kids to share one last family holiday.

Guy Ritchie will keep busy filming Sherlock Holmes in London with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.

“Guy hasn’t seen the kids for weeks and he is desperate to be with them over the holidays,” a source tells the Daily Mail. “They have been traveling a lot and he just wants them home.”

Madonna video

After the tomfoolery that is this Sticky & Sweet tour, Madonna probably needs a break too — and not the kind she got after falling on her butt at the :35 mark in this video:

Love the “I meant to do that!” leg kick she throws in there.

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