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Scarlett Johansson Cosmo article fake

Scarlett Johansson’s UK Cosmo feature is completely fabricated, says a representative for Johansson.

Scarlett Johansson's a little upset at CosmoThe incredibly bland article supposedly quotes Scarlett Johansson chatting about fame, her “normal” life and her new marriage to fellow actor Ryan Reynolds.

The most exciting thing she says is that Reynolds is a big softie.

“Ryan has a very romantic side,” the article quotes Johansson as saying. We both enjoy remembering little things that make us happy –- for me, that’s what romance is all about. My mum is a romantic person and I think I inherited it from her. She’s very thoughtful and taught me there are many different ways you can be romantic.”

Nice, right? Sadly, Scarlett says she never said it.

Johansson’s rep released a statement saying that the marriage quotes were “wholly fabricated,” and that Scarlett “has at no point granted UK Cosmopolitan an interview, and she has never discussed her personal relationships with the publication.”

So what’s going on? The entire article is an “obvious attempt…to gain monetarily by misinforming their readers,” says the rep for Johansson.

Darn — we were hoping Reynolds really was a big teddy bear. Maybe Alanis will write a song about it.

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