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Cameron Diaz Shrek musical: no way

Cameron Diaz’s Shrek trek won’t include making a surprise appearance in the newly-opened Shrek musical on Broadway.

Diaz, who gives voice to Princess Fiona in the film franchise, flat-out says she doesn’t have the chops to make it on stage.

“No. Absolutely not,” she replied when asked if she would take a turn in the Broadway role. “What they do up there…is, to me, impossible. It’s wonderful, though. They’ve done such a great job. They worked really hard, and it really pays off.”

Diaz appeared at opening night of Shrek: The Musical wearing a wrinkly white Bill Blass dress and black Dior coat hiding her trademark legs-up-to-there while making us wonder what, exactly, was going on in the car on the way over to the theater.

Diaz, while making a tidy career out of her sun-kissed California girl image and Jenny McCarthy-esque gross-out humor, at least has the courtesy to save myriads of paying ticket holders from certain death by auditory distress.

But don’t fret, Diaz fans — she will return to the role of Fiona in Shrek, just not on stage.

Shrek 4, featuring the return of Diaz, Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy in their original roles, is slated for a 2010 release.

December 15, 2008

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