Nicolette Sheridan kicks Michael Bolton out

Dec 12, 2008 at 6:17 p.m. ET

Michael Bolton will be spending Christmas out in the cold because desperately mean, almost-housewife, Nicolette Sheridan kicked him out of their California house!

Michael Bolton has to head out of Nicolette Sheridan's homeHow can they be lovers if they can't be friends?

At Sheridan's request, Bolton bought a $4.4 million Hidden Hills, CA home for her in May. He also put his 9000 square foot Connecticut home up for sale -- for a cool $11 million.

Two days later, Nicolette called off the engagement and kicked him out of their new home, throwing his clothes on the driveway!

Now the singer is, for all intents and purposes, homeless. He can't go back to his Connecticut pad, and Sheridan won't let him near the California house.

In fact, she refuses to pay Bolton for half the home, believing he should just give it to her and leave town!

Now Nicolette is already dating someone new -- and rumor has it he might be the highly skilled cougar catcher David Spade, although all parties involved say they are "just friends."

Bolton and Sheridan fist dated in the 1990's, the reunited in 2005, became engaged in 2006 and called it quits last spring.

What did Bolton do to her that she's this angry? Let's see if he gets back on his feet again.

December 12, 2008