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Britney Spears Christmas video

Christmas video from Britney Spears has her fans feeling the holiday spirit. Hot on her website: a Christmas video message featuring the singer and her two sons.

Little Jayden has something for you, too — a big burp in the middle of the video. Stay classy, JJ.

But that’s not all Britney has for you this holiday. She had added six new dates to the North American leg of her upcoming Circus tour, including new dates in Los Angeles, Toronto, New Jersey, Chicago, Long Island and Anaheim.

Britney Spears in Womanizer“Britney and I are both thrilled to see how excited her fans are for the Circus tour,” says manager Larry Rudolph. “This show will blow people’s minds, and promises to show Britney’s fans something they will never forget!”

Sources say the show’s theme is, obviously, a three-ring circus, symbolizing the three stages of Britney’s career. She will first run away with the circus, imagining it to be glamorous, only to fall under the spell of a carnival freak. (Nice shout-out to K-Fed there.)

She then enters the dark period, only to emerge in the third ring stronger than ever. Let’s hope life imitates art.

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