John Schneider’s puppies stolen!

Christmas ruined! Some jerk stole the car of actor John Schneider, best known for playing Luke Duke on Dukes of Hazzard, and took off with two puppies he planned to give his children!

John Schneider is looking for his puppies

John’s Cadillac Escalade was stolen from the parking lot of the Sherman Oaks Fashion Square Mall on Saturday night. The pups, a Yorkie named Daisey Paisley and a Yorkiepoo named Marley, both ten weeks old, were chillin’ in the back seat set to be Christmas presents.

The Escalade has since been recovered with the seats and instrument panel torn out, but the puppies are nowhere to be found. Save the puppies!

Schneider made a plea for the safe return of the pups on an LA radio show. “Folks, listen. I understand what’s going on in the economy,” he said. “But please, do the right thing and get those puppies back in the Christmas home they belong in. I’d just like to have our puppies back for Christmas.”

Police are now seeking surveillance video of the parking lot where Schneider’s SUV was stolen, hoping it will lead to an arrest and the safe return of the pooches. As one cop said, “We’re getting these puppies back.”

Why are the cops spending so much time on dogs? Not out of the goodness of their hearts during the holiday season. The pups are worth at least $1000 each and are considered property, making this crime a felony – on top of the felonious car theft itself.


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