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Top entertainment holiday gifts

Guy gifts:

Baseball hat
He’s going to wear them. You might as well choose one that actually looks good.

Classic Rock T-Shirt
Always in style and never expensive, a smile is produce every time a classic rock T-Shirt is the gift.

Guy gifts pie in the sky:

Digital Picture Frame
With some research, these technological marvels are available for under $70. Fill the disc with pictures of your choosing or let your guy carefully select hundreds of photos that he no longer has to flip through in order to witness a memory.

Many in this price range come with remotes for specific picture selection. The price has finally dropped that digital picture frames are within reach for those who wish to impart the gift of rotating memories.

We love Wii

Girls and boys both like toys:

Wii Sport
This gadget is the gift that inserts physical exercise into the video game experience.

Step counter
The step counter is the cheapest of gifts with perhaps one of the largest payoffs – great health. Studies have shown that if each of us walked over 11,000 steps each day, which would serve as a fantastic foundation for a quality of living all dream for, long life would ensue.

iTunes Gift Card
In these difficult economic times, many don’t have the discretionary funds to have an old-fashioned tune-fest on iTunes for their iPod that has been shuffling the same songs for weeks. Throw any amount of money on a gift card from Apple, and that many songs will be appearing

Toys pie in the sky:

Handheld GPS
These navigation devices have dropped below the $70 price mark and with some shrewd shopping, a solid GPS device that is not anchored to a car can easily be yours. Whether for yourself as a device of safety and aide or for the man who refuses to stop for directions for the sake of pride, a portable GPS device is worth its weight in diamonds.


Give the gift of life, hope and a future for citizens of underdeveloped countries across the globe. Celebrities such as Mary Steenburgen and Susan Sarandon have become an enormous part of this organization.

Heifer is the gift of life

Gift of your photos
Visit and take your photos and turn them into the coolest coffee mugs, calendars, posters and well…pretty much anything you can dream.

The Sex and the City Book
The Sex and the City Book is an incredible look at the film that rocked the summer. The book couples a look back at the show, its characters and the fashion with glimpses inside the film that also lands on this last as a must-have DVD.

MISC pie in the sky:

Tickets to movies, theater, music, and even dog shows is always a highlight of anyone’s week. Some are more glamorous than others, but the sentiment is the same: getting out of the house is fabulous! A gift certificate to a national cinema chain sends your friends and family to the movies. Local theater and touring Broadway productions allow the magic of theater to be given to those you adore. Live music at any number of local clubs and theaters are easily affordable to get two in for under $70.

Above all else, the entertainment industry exists to take a public away from the realities of the world around us – especially in times of trouble. The perfect gift for any entertainment fan is live entertainment. It is priceless.

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