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Top entertainment holiday gifts

Kids bring back the classics:

Fun: Lite-Brite
Who could forget this stalwart of an earlier age? But, its relevance still remains for creative children everywhere. There is no arguing with bright lights, patterns and innate imagination in terms of grabbing children’s attention.

Get in the game with SimonSmart: Simon
Working the memory is fun in the hands of what appears to be a simple Simon. The electronic pioneer has a new generation clamoring for the red, blue, yellow and green keys that light up and require a keen focus regardless of one’s generation, background or technological savvy.

Classic Board Games: Sorry, Chutes and Ladders and Life!
Toys R’ Us and their kind are hawking piles of classic board games that have enthralled generations. Most who read this can remember snow days or summer nights sitting around a table going toe-to-toe with friends or family for the right to claim victory over a little cardboard game-board with plastic pieces.

Kids pie in the sky:

Hannah Montana’s first season DVD
Starting a new life with new friends, Miley Stewart is an ordinary teen by day, but by night, she’s music sensation Hannah Montana! While the glamour and fame does have its perks, Miley wants to experience the typical life with what she values most – her friends and family. Watch how Miley-Hannah juggles life to maintain her stardom a secret and having the best of both worlds! All 26 episodes are featured on a four-disc collection.

List price: $39.99 Next on our holiday gift list…guy gifts

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