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Britney Spears is on a manhunt

Gracing the cover of January’s Glamour magazine, Britney Spears says there’s definitely one thing on her Christmas list: a new husband.

Britney's on a manhunt...lookout!“In five years I would like to be married and have a father figure for my kids, someone who is a provider and can be really stable,” Britney reveals, describing someone the completely unlike Kevin Federline, the real father of her two sons – with whom she has famously battled over custody for several years.”It’s hard doing it on your own.”Britney also says she’s just a homebody now. Without a hint of irony, she tells writer James Patrick Herman, “I don’t like going out. I hate clubs. I hate being around too many people. I love my home and staying in bed and watching Dancing With the Stars or reading a Danielle Steel novel. I’m kind of boring.”2008 is coming to an end on a high note for the singer, whose rumored struggles with alcohol, drugs and mental illness have left her business and personal affairs in the hands of her father and her sons in the custody of theirs. Britney won the first three moon men of her career at the MTV Video Music Awards in September, and is releasing her new album, Circus, with a planned worldwide tour sometime next year.As for New Year’s resolutions? “I would like to stop worrying so much, because I worry all the time,” she says. “And to learn how to be happier, just in general. I have to learn to take things not so seriously. And to stop biting my nails.”December 1, 2008

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