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Mary Steenburgen dishes on Four Christmases and BFF Hillary Clinton

Four Christmases star Mary Steenburgen lives quite a life. The Oscar-winner sat down with SheKnows to discuss the changing political world around us as seen through the eyes of her friend Hillary Clinton.

Her holiday house

Steenburgen also gives us precious insight into the delightful holiday farce she stars in with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn – Four Christmases.

Meeting Reese's family in Four Christmases

For Steenburgen, Christmas at her house, mirrors the final house visited by Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn in the film. Families are separated by divorce, but united by the holidays.

“Our house, everyone’s together. There are my kids and their friends, my ex husband and his kids, there’s Christians and Jews. It’s pretty crazy. Everyone has a dog and everybody brings the dog, so, it’s just wild and silly. We enjoy it,” Steenburgen says.

Ted Danson, Mary and Vice President Al Gore

A green Christmas

Steenburgen’s passion for going green is seen not only in the way she lives her life, but in the businesses she launches. “I started a candle line to help benefit Heifer International, which is an incredible organization that gives animals to people all over the world. They learn to care for it in an ecologically friendly way. It helps lift them out of poverty. That’s my little green gift for Christmas because it lifts up people all over the earth.” Her character in Four Christmases is one that jumps off the screen. But, Steenburgen felt for the children of the mother that always becomes the mirror of her mate.

Movie star Mary always has much to smile about“I think there’s something sad about a girl who has to come home to a mother who – every single time she comes home – she doesn’t know who she is going to be because her mother changes who she is based on the man she’s going out with,” the Oscar-winning actress says. “If I go out with a biker, she comes to a mom dressed in leather. In this case, I’m dating Pastor Phil. There are angels on the lawn. But, I loved my character. She was fun for me. I’ve known women that have become like the men they were dating. I felt sorry for the kids. The house changed. The wardrobe changed. I thought it was an original idea that I had never seen in the movies. ”

In Four Christmases, Vince and Reese discover new facets of each other and facts from their youth that cause questions in their relationship as to why these elements were left out of the personal biography.

Has Steenburgen had that experience in her personal life?

“I come from a little community where everybody knew everybody. So, unfortunately could have used more secrets,” she says and laughs. “I had to run away to New York where everybody had secrets.”

{healdine}Southern charmsAll the women in the film are daughters of the south. Is this a coincidence?

“Kristen, Dwight Yokum and I spent the better part of two days writing a musical for Kristen to star in called Tid Bit. It was three southern people who were obsessed with the south and music,” Steenburgen says. “There was a southern thing about Four Christmases – Sissy’s southern, too. We had to suppress our Southernisms – our characters live in San Francisco!”

Secretary of State Clinton?

Steenburgen’s highly publicized friendship with her beau, Ted Danson and the former first couple, former President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton. The couple stayed in the White House on many occasions and both were out in force to help Clinton win the Democratic nomination. History has told us that another won that title, but the prospect of Clinton securing the Secretary of State position in an Obama Administration thrills Steenburgen.

Future Secretary of State? Mary thinks so!

“I had dinner with my friend last Monday night when I gave her an award from Glamour Magazine,” Steenburgen says. “None of this stuff had bubbled up yet. There was no conversation about it. I have no idea.”

“I have no idea if she would choose to do that or if Obama would ask her, but I do know that she is very much a team player. I think she would have his back in a big way because I think she campaigned very hard for him and really felt that this is his moment and I was really moved by the ferocity that she felt about the rightness of him being president. I think she would be very protective of him. I think she is loved throughout the world. I think that helps.”

When asked about an aspect of her persona that would surprise audiences, Steenburgen does not flinch. “I’m really into Wii bowling,” she says and coyly smiles. “I’m really good at it. I bowl a 280. Are you impressed with that?”

Yes we are Mary, impressed with everything.

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