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Fred Claus storms onto DVD

Vince Vaughn is making waves for his second Christmas movie in as many years, Four Christmases.

Fred Claus is a holiday treat

Ho! Ho! Hilarity

The film that started his streak, Fred Claus, arrives on DVD November 25 and we’ve got your inside look to the film you can now own. Fred Claus is also on Blu-Ray and not only features the hilarious Vaughn, but the also astoundingly funny Paul Giamatti.

Yes, Giamatti is funny, just watch Big Momma’s House and see him go toe to toe with Martin Lawrence!

Vaughn portrays Fred, the less than successful brother of the extremely famous Santa. When the holiday finds Fred heading home to the North Pole, hilarity truly ensues.

As an actor, Vaughn is totally in his element in Fred Claus. The famous trailers showing Vaughn hanging with Santa’s elves only give a glimpse of their collective hilarity.

To watch them in their entirety is a study in how Vaughn is setting himself up to be the go-to actor for comedy with heart for a generation.

Vince discovers Santa's special spot

Vaughn vaults through comic hoops

There is no question the true star of this film is Vaughn. The man is a master of subtle comedy that has the potential to explode into full fledged physical comedy that works. It is getting to the point where when it comes to soft comic timing, I’d watch Vaughn in anything.

The Fred Claus DVD comes with a digital copy (which is becoming more standard, thank goodness) that allows the viewer to download the film to any iPod-type device or Windows Media and its like on your home PC.

Comic support

Miranda Richardson also shines in Fred Claus as Mrs. Claus. What perfect casting! The daughter of Vanessa Redgrave and wife of Liam Neeson possesses acting chops beyond compare. The rest of the cast is also a holiday treat. Spots from Oscar winners Kevin Spacey, Kathy Bates and Rachel Weisz are truly the wrapping on this present for holidays 2008.

The stars are out in Fred Claus

Also incredibly charming is the effervescent Elizabeth Banks who is making quite a name of herself of late with turns in Zack and Miri and playing Laura Bush in W.

Elizabeth Banks charms in Fred Claus

Giamatti is the perfect cast as Santa Claus. His polar opposite character to Vaughn’s Fred is in many ways what makes this comic chemistry work so well.

Get down this Christmas with Fred Claus

Christmas charmer

Much as Elf achieved before it, Fred Claus takes the Christmas holiday lore and turns it on its head. Both have similar results – effective holiday comedy for the entire family. Do not misses on this DVD include watching the manic comedy scenes with the director’s commentary turned on showcasing how David Dobkin managed to create hilarity that never swayed into over-the-top.

Can’t get enough of the film?

There is 25 minutes of extra scenes included on the Fred Claus DVD.

Plus, simply to watch the Vaughn and elf dancing scene over and over is worth the price of the DVD alone.

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