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Our favorite fictional bosses

Love your boss or hate your boss, it’s difficult to not admire these head honchos. Bosses stink in real life. But they are hilarious on screen!

Ari, we love to hate youThe bashing of one’s boss is a national pastime rivaled only by baseball in America. Millions of co-workers around the country gather every day – by the water cooler, in the parking lot, at a local bar – to roll their eyes over the latest antics of the man or woman in charge.

With that in mind, here’s a look at our favorite fictional bosses from the world of TV and movies. When yours get to be too much, find humor in these options…

5. Bill Lumbergh. Yeah… he may need you to come in on the weekend, but he doesn’t actually hold any power over those in Office Space. Just leave the company’s stapler alone and you’ll be fine.

4. Ari Gold. Tough love, personified. He’ll insult your outfit, your significant other, your sexuality, and he’s never uttered the words “please” or “thank you” on a single episode of Entourage. But the man knows how to get things done. Also, the shots are always on him.

3. Jack Donaghy. He’s supportive, he’s forward thinking and he keeps his eye on the bottom line. Just one criticism: Jack hogs all the good 30 Rock quotes. You’ll never get a funny word in.

2. Richard Webber. He may have an affair with your mother and ruin your childhood forever, but when you grow up to be an intern on Grey’s Anatomy, Chief Webber has your back.

1. Michael Scott. Flirt with the receptionist. Litter your desk in The Office with bobblehead dolls. Be an alcoholic. As long as you say something nice to Michael every once and awhile, your job is secure.

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