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On the American Music Awards red carpet

It is not everyday you can say hello to Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Leona Lewis and Ron Jeremy. That is exactly what SheKnows did November 23 at the American Music Awards red carpet. Talk about a varied bunch!

Those stars of varied walks of life were simply the beginning. And did we mention it was a true ladies night at the American Music Awards.

From Rihanna, Christina, Leona Lewis and Pink, an enormous majority of the music came from the ladies last night. The lifetime achievement award winner was even Annie Lennox.

There was glamour and there was glitz, but this is rock n’ roll and there were some jaw-dropping moments.

Not in the way one would think.

Priceless moments

SheKnows had the good fortune of being next to the Make a Wish Foundation and witness a study in celebrities giving back right in front of our eyes.

Each musician, actor or celebrity for with no reason other than a heart of gold headed towards a dozen children having the moment of a lifetime. Who’d they get most excited for?


The Jonas Brothers stopped by, but only after exiting their limo and dashing across Chick Hern Way to the front of the Staples Center facing the Nokia Theatre to spend 20 minutes signing autographs and posing for pictures with the throngs who had gathered for star-gazing this late fall evening in Hollywood.

Even the die-hard entertainment journalists around me were almost in unison as the boys from New Jersey approached, “they are so cute!” They truly are!

Seen and heard

Heard: David Cook getting ready to go on stage for the AMA pre-show.

Asked if he was ready for his close-up, he coyly replies, “is anyone, really?!”

The American Idol winner was impeccable in his ability to control the crowd of of all ages screaming at his command. His full set was astounding and watching him perform songs in between commercial breaks spoke to his passion for what he is doing and his appreciation for the fans who put in there.

Seen: Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil walking by with his blonde date without the media recognizing him.

Heard: Billy Ray Cyrus walking in alone without wife and most famous girl in Hollywood daughter. “Well, hello SheKnows,” Cyrus says looking down at our moniker.

When asked about if he gets nervous witnessing his daughter perform, whether it for 20 of 20 million, he quickly replies. “Not at all, she’s such a pro, haven’t you seen her? She demands the attention on stage,” Cyrus adds. “She’s going to do awesome tonight!”

Seen: Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus seeing each other for the first time. Both literally had their bodies move in contorted ways by the excitement of witnessing their BFF. Note: ex-boyfriend Jonas brother was no where in sight at this point!

Heard: Oscar winners Three 6 Mafia talking to everyone who would listen including going on an extended tirade to both the USC and UCLA student television stations.

More fun still: Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler putting his hat on the startled USC reporter, grabbing her microphone and dishing on the here-and-now of the American Music Awards red carpet. Those college kids had the night of their lives!

Seen: Bad dresses. This is Rock n’ Roll, so the extremes are expected, yet certain folks should not try to dress that way if they have long since passed the ages of the stars of the show. There’s looking hot and then there is dressing like Christina Aguilera when your teen idol was Bobby Vinton. Who? Exactly!

Heard: Terrance Howard extolling the virtues of Mariah Carey. As Howard came through red carpet, SheKnows asked why the Oscar nominated actor was appearing.

“I’m introducing Mariah Carey,” Howard says. “It is truly an honor. I’m a huge fan of hers.”

Seen: The Pussycat Dolls everywhere! The Dolls did double duty on the red carpet. Nicole Scherzinger was not only on the red carpet to support her band, she was reporting on the carpet right alongside SheKnows.

Serving as a guest reporter for the Carrie Ann Inaba hosted Live From the Red Carpet special, Scherzinger was able to break away to walk the red carpet along with her fellow Pussycat Dolls.

The Dolls look darling

Nick and Vanessa smile for SheKnowsHeard: Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo every bit in love as ever. You could think after the bad relationship that was Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, Lachey would not jump into a relationship again unless he was sure she was right for him on numerous levels.

Therefore, you can imagine the joy in seeing those two lovebirds, every bit the supportive couple of each other. There was Lachey pointing out his better half’s fashion sense while she stepped back and let him have his moment with the Make A Wish children who looked overjoyed at the former 98 Degrees singer’s smile..and those eyes are so blue!

As they walked into the theater, Minnillo whispered to Lachey, “you are so adorable!” Indeed.

Seen: Leona Lewis greeting each and every one of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Kids with a prime spot on the red carpet. Even though a person nearby Lewis appeared to recognize from London, she was more compelled by the fresh faces now sporting enormous smiles at the mere sight of her.

Heard: Christina Aguilera, ever the gracious celebrity, apologizing for having to run, literally, into the Nokia Theatre to kick off the show.

“Hello, I’m sorry I’m so late,” Aguilera says. “Oh my God, I have to perform a greatest hits in like 30 seconds!” Aguilera says.

How she did it we have no idea because what she wore on stage was not what Christina was sporting rushing past SheKnows in the final seconds of the red carpet for the American Music Awards. Literally, entering the theater and looking up on the monitors merely moments before, there was the delightful diva on stage jamming her latest hit, Keeps Gettin’ Better.

What began with the 2008 MTV Movie Awards and continued with November 23’s American Music Awards is SheKnows red carpet coverage: it too Keeps Gettin’ Better.

SheKnows could not be more proud to cover the red carpet for our readers. Next up: The Billboard Awards in Las Vegas!

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