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Jennifer Garner gets restraining order

Jennifer Garner is the girl next door. Her hubby, Ben Affleck, is the down-to-earth guy you want your guy to shoot hoops with on the weekends. And their daughter, Violet? Well, she’s simply too cute for words. Therefore, it’s shocking a crazy wants to do them harm.

Jennifer Garner picking up Violet at schoolJennifer Garner obtained a temporary restraining order against a fan who has been stalking her since at least 2002.

Apparently he sent her packages and letters containing delusional and paranoid thoughts and also followed her throughout the country.

The marching orders?

The perp has been ordered to stay at least 100-yards away from each of them, in addition to her nanny, housekeeper and assistant at all times. In addition, he’s been banned from owning, possessing or trying to buy a gun or forearm.

As his letter writing has gone from creepy to severely heebie-jeebie over the years, Garner believes his obsession will increase unless the court intervenes.

Case in point: he expressed belief that God sent him a vision of Garner being persecuted, an act that might result in her death. Therefore, he had to save her. That was when Garner sought help.

While Garner is currently asking the judge for a permanent restraining order, our support is with the A-lister.

As much as celebs deal with paparazzi and negative things that go along with fame, this should certainly not be one of them.

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