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Top TV in 2008

It was a banner year for television. Many are calling it the golden age of the genre. With a top 10 such as the programs below, it is easy to see a television renaissance is upon us all.

10. Sarah Connor Chronicles

Who knew that bringing a two decade-old story to life on television would be so effective?

John Connor is always in trouble and we love it

Imagine a mother who has to protect her son beyond the usual maternal instincts knowing the future he is needed to save. If she fails, the world perishes. Amazing acting and action – Fox has a must watch.

Christina shines

9. The Office

Dunder Mifflin continues to push the comic envelope. During 2008, with the writer’s strike, the show had to carry the torch for NBC on numerous occasions. Many times, The Office had to produce one-hour episodes to make up for the lack of programming. Did they deliver? Without a doubt, 2008 was their best season thus far.

8. Samantha Who?

Regardless of Christina Applegate’s real-life drama, her ABC program was a purely escapist fantasty that was Must See TV. A television actress for the ages, Applegate’s adventure on Samatha Who? is simply beginning.

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