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Top 10 2008 films for fun

Over 350 films were released thus far this year. Which ones make the top 10 in the fun factor? With Angelina Jolie going graphic and Anne Hathaway Getting Married, 2008 is easy to break down.

10. Twilight

Edward and Bella is not solely for 12 to 14 year-old girls. In director Catherine Hardwicke hands, Stephenie Meyer’s vampire love story soars. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are perfectly cast and with a soundtrack that is second to none in 2008, Twilight is terrific.

It's Twilight time everyone!

9. Wanted

Angelina Jolie brought the house down in 2008 with Wanted, an adaptation of a popular graphic novel. Putting James McAvoy under her wing, Jolie proved that she still has the guns to bring the action to the screen while delivering her classic style of acting performance that has endeared her to millions.

Angie in graphic novel equals fantastic fun

8. Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr may have landed on Entertainment Weekly’s top spot for “Entertainer of the Year” largely because of his performance in Iron Man. His rise to superhero cinematic titan was long, troubled and littered with failures, but his success in Iron Man is a study in persaverence. Besides, the film is fantastic!

7. Changeling

No, the film is not fun. But, it is on this list because there is not a better performance by an actress this year than Angelina Jolie in Clint Eastwood’s Changeling. Under the supression of early twentieth century morays, her character has to take back a child that was once missing that is not hers. With a quiet energy that explodes into one of Jolie’s most riviting of her career, The Changeling is a delightful movie experience solely becuase of the joy in watching an actress as the top of her game triumphing in a story than seems tailor fit for her persona.

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