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America’s Next Top Model crowns a champ

Dancing with the Stars gave Aretha Franklin plenty of Respect last night and that was only one number in a jam-packed results show. Julianne Hough took off her dancing shoes long enough to perform her new single and last year’s champs, Kristi and Mark were back to show that they still got it.

Predictably, it was Cody who was eliminated last night but there’s no shame in that. I never expected him to get that far so kudos to him. And where it looked like Brooke was a shoe-in to win, Lance and Lacey are pouring it on when it really counts and Brooke is beginning to falter. Could the wildcard Warren take it all? You’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

Next up was Blush, the Search for the Next Great Make-up Artist and frankly, I’m not terribly impressed with anybody in this bunch. Between the diva-tudes and the plain-old crazies these guys are fun to watch but they’re giving pros a bad name.

After the glitter and glam, I watched a very serious and creepy Law & Order with Elliott getting in over his undercover head with an animal smuggler. Great story, but I really hate this technique of grabbing you with a big moment then flashing back to before it began. Trust the story, folks. We’ll stick with you until you get there.

Tonight On TV – Wednesday, November 19

The CW gets the top slot tonight with the finale of this season’s America’s Next Top Model. Who will it be? Then, on Stylista, the assistants have to play the name game at a black-tie affair. CBS gets you laughing with The New Adventures of Old Christine and Gary Unmarried, Criminal Minds has Jason Alexander in an unconventional role, and they end the night with multiple cameo appearances on CSI: NY.

The NYC CSI gang is all new tonight on CBS

NBC begins the night with Mike as a high roller on Knight Rider, then a Badge Bunny turns up dead on Life, and finally there’s no order in the courtroom when Ned Beatty guests on Law & Order.

On ABC tonight, the delightful Fred Willard plays a magician with a problem on Pushing Daisies, then Billy Dee Williams hands out advice on Private Practice, and there are more secrets and lies on Dirty Sexy Money.

Bones gets cookingFox has a puzzling case of murder when a travel writer is killed during a flight on Bones, and then it’s a rerun House.

Over on cable

On Bravo’s Top Chef tonight, the contestants have to prepare lunch at Tom Colicchio’s restaurant! Talk about a pressure cooker.

SCI Fi is mostly new with Ghost Hunters and their creepy reality show Estate of Panic.

Clean House takes on an accident-prone family on Style and it’s Sandwich Paradise on the Travel Channel.

News and notable

According to Brooke Shields, reports of Lipstick Jungle’s demise are totally untrue.

Tyra Banks announced on her show this week that she’ll be paying for transgender model Isis’ sex reassignment surgery, which would be a nice gesture if it didn’t have publicity stunt written all over it.

MTV and Ashton Kutcher are in a huddle over the idea of a celebrity version of Beauty and the Geek.

FX has producers from West Wing and Prison Break working on a series about college student who rebel against authority (otherwise known as the 1960’s).

Today’s clip: Stylista on the CW


Photo credit:
CSI NY: My Name Is Mac Taylor – Mac (Gary Sinise), Det. Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) and the team, tackles their most unusual case yet: two victims, within two weeks, both named ‘Mac Taylor. Macdonald Taylor (David Haley), Machiavelli Taylor (guest star, Chris Daughtry second left), and Mackinley Taylor, (guest stars, Scott Wolf, center) during the investigation. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS
Bones: Booth (David Boreanaz, R) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel, L) are enlisted to help solve a murder when a body is found in the microwave oven of the plane. Greg Gayne/Fox

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