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Ray J, we hardly knew you and other celebrity exes

A look back at some celebrity boyfriends (and girlfriends) of yesterday.

For every supercouple like Brangelina or Bennifer…there’s a star who hooks up with some random person, who the tabloid world obsesses over for approximately 15 minutes before the inevitable breakup. Then they drift off into obscurity and are long forgotten…by all but the most ardent celebrity gossip readers, that is.

Here’s a look at some of the commoners who have dated the guys and girls we love in recent memory…

10. Harry Morton
Leave it to Lindsay Lohan to date a guy who runs a restaurant chain called the Pink Taco. Yes, really. Their 2006 tryst was cut short by the fact that Harry Morton didn’t really like drinking, partying and sleeping around. Which is pretty much all LiLo does enjoy.

9. Samantha Ronson
We’re aware that the manly British DJ and Lohan are still together…for now. Once Lindsay rediscovers guys though, Samantha Ronson will assume her rightful position on this list of (experimental) celebrity flings. SamRo is basically the prototype, so we went ahead and reserved spot #9 for her in advance.

8. Sunshine Tutt
Well, calling SNL alum Chris Kattan a celebrity is a bit of a stretch, but by marrying this hilariously named model earlier year, he made a fellow d-lister out of her, as well. And made her pretty rich by not requiring her to sign a prenup before she filed for divorce a whole month later.

7. Shayne Lamas
It seems like cheating to include someone from a reality show, but Shayne (the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas) was the best. What a painful, but unforgettable individual. Clearly appearing on ABC’s The Bachelor simply to get famous, slutty Shayne squealed and squirmed her way into Matt Grant’s heart. Then cheated on him a few weeks later and (God willing) not be heard from again.

6. Brody Jenner
He’s far from forgotten, but he makes this list because the only thing Brody Jenner does is hook up with girls! He must be the celebrity boyfriend shared by the most young stars. From Kristin Cavallari to Nicole Richie to Lauren Conrad and many others, he is Hollywood’s leading womanizer. He’s now with Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole. Yeah.

5. Levi Johnston
Soon he’ll be just another unwed teen father in Alaska, toiling away at dead-end jobs and reminiscing about how he could have been a hockey star. But for a few weeks this fall, Levi Johnston was a national sensation after he knocked up Bristol Palin, daughter of GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin. The high school bad boy even got to attend the Republican convention. In a suit! You’ll always have St. Paul, Levi. You’ll always have St. Paul.

4. Celeste Cunningham
We’re cheating again, this time with a fictional character. But watching Alec Baldwin’s Republican business mogul character, Jack Donaghy, put the moves on a liberal Vermont congresswoman, C.C. (played by Edie Falco), led to some truly classic 30 Rock quotes, and was almost as funny was watching him spar with Liz Lemon. Almost.

3. Joslyn Noel Morse
Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez was married to Cynthia Rodriguez for six years. Having divorced her, he is now reportedly with Madonna. But in between, there was a manly stripper he used to associate with on the sly. She was by no means attractive, but boy, she had her photo on a lot of New York newspapers for a few weeks. Wonder what she’s up to nowadays?

2. J.R. Rotem
It’s hard to even choose which fling to spotlight when it comes to Britney Spears. Girl has made fleeting stars out of a half dozen dudes at least since she divorced K-Fed in 2006. We’re going with J.R. Rotem, though, because he had the audacity to not only say publicly that he tapped that, but in what specific position. We’ll never look at a wheelbarrow the same way again.

1. Ray J
Okay, technically Ray J, a.k.a. William Ray Norwood, Jr., was sort of a celeb. Some people may have heard of this alleged singer, songwriter, music producer, actor and/or rapper. But let’s be honest, Ray J’s major claim to fame is tapping the voluptuous booty of Kim Kardashian in the amateur sex tape that launched her kareer. Kim now dominates the celeb gossip headlines, while the man who pushed up on that (and pushed her to the top) has been AWOL since.

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