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Scarlett Johansson inspires Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl

Everyone has had to wonder at one time or another: who inspired Katy Perry to write a song about kissing a girl? Now, we know.

Those lips inspire a songWould you believe it is Scarlett Johansson? Although the two may have never met, Perry admits now that it was the sight of Johansson’s passionate lips that sent her home to compose a song.

Whether she actually kissed that girl is still up for confirmation. Johansson, when told about the tribute during an interview with Allure magazine, admitted she hadn’t even heard of the song.

The biggest hit of the summer and it is news to her?

Considering Johansson’s recent musical effort was an album of Tom Waits covers, I guess we should not be surprised that the starlet does not know I Kissed A Girl or anything on the Top 10 for that matter.

But, Johansson says now she’s more than curious to check out the track. Honey, once you hear it, you won’t get it out of your head. That’s going to be a little weird, Scarlett, listening to the song, knowing, it’s about you!

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