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Final Twilight trailer gives more clues

Twilight may not land in theaters until November 21, but the folks at Summit Entertainment have released yet another trailer to wet the appetities of the millions who await the story of Edward and Bella.

Bella has a deep thoughtSheKnows has seen Twilight and although, all movie reviews are embargoed until the release date, we can tell you one thing – it is impeccably faithful to the book.

There is no reason to worry there for the tens of millions of fans across the world who are anxiously awaiting the on screen version of the fantasy they’ve only thus far read.

Director Catherine Hardwicke and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg have taken Stephenie Meyer’s priceless Twilight vision and brought every ounce of it to their film.

Meyer admitted to SheKnows in August that she had every confidence this creative team would make her and her legion of fans happy.

Sit back and let the Twilight fever begin. This two-minute series of clips from the film will do nothing but make your heart race faster for the day to arrive when Twilight finally hits the silver screen.

The final Twilight trailer

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