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Earl gets a visit from Jason Priestly

Nervous Nell Marjorie was eliminated on America’s Next Top Model last night and I was surprised.

Analeigh has to be a favoriteI never would have guessed the Sam, Analeigh and McKey would make the finals but those are the ones. I’m rooting for Analeigh but I’m thinking McKee may take it on the runway walk. Last night’s Stylista was another hoot. The contestants had $1,000 to buy an outfit for Anne and even that wasn’t enough for some. Then they had to style a photo shoot and it was the drama queen team that won. Love that retro TV they used in the shot. I may not like their personalities but I like their work.

Top Chef started with a bang, eliminating one contestant over apples before they ever even made it to the kitchen. Ironically, between that elimination and the usual one, the two friends from culinary school were both sent packing.

Looks like a good crop of cooks this year with a wide variety of backgrounds but did you know that in every season except one, the person who won the first challenge won Top Chef. That would be Stefan and I imagine he’s hoping the streak continues.

Life paid tribute to the craziness that is Black Friday shopping with a death at the mall. The off beat sense of humor in the show slays me! Or should that be sleighs me? This fruit cake is neither fruit nor cake – but it does make a great weapon when chasing down the bad guys.

More great shows on tonight…let’s take a look.

Tonight On TV – Thursday, November 13

Got to start with my favorites on The CW. First up Chloe is losing her mind, literally, to Brainiac on Smallville. Then, on Supernatural, the boys have to protect a girl who hears angels and Dean, along with the rest of us, will find out what Sam did last summer. Prepare yourself for the deafening screams of the fan-girls.

Over on ABC it’s Ugly Betty, then Mary McDonnell joins the cast of Grey’s Anatomy, and then there’s a hostage crisis in a hospital on Life on Mars.

CBS begins with Survivor: Gabon – Earth’s Last Eden, then it’s tough going on a Koreatown shooting on CSI, and there’s a frozen body on a hot beach on Eleventh Hour.

Fox finishes the night with two episodes of Kitchen Nightmares, one old, one new. NBC has them rolling in the aisles when My Name is Earl has a flashback (hey, is that Jason Priestly?). Then it’s Kath & Kim, The Office, 30 Rock and Anthony Edwards returns to ER.

Jason Priestly visits Jamie Pressley on My Name is Earl

Over on cable

A&E is running a First 48 mini-marathon.

Bravo has a rerun of the Top Chef Holiday Special, last night’s new season premiere and then a new Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.

Travel Channel looks at extravagant Vegas hotel suites on Vegas Revolution and Venus Williams is profiled on Sundance’s Iconoclasts, which is also today’s clip (see below).

Lipstick is gone

News and notable

On the downside:

MADTV will finish the year and they’re done says Fox.

NBC has canceled Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy.

Rumor is that Prison Break may be readying a series finale.

On the upside:

The CW asked for five more episodes of Privileged.

A&E renewed Intervention for another year.

Photo credit:
America’s Next Top Model: Good Times & Windmills – Analeigh poses for a photo shoot on America’s Next Top Model on The CW. Cycle 11 Photo: Barrie Hullegie/Pottle Productions Inc.
My Name Is Earl: Earl and Joy’s Anniversary – Pictured: (l-r) Jason Priestly as Blake, Jaime Pressly as Joy — NBC Photo: Trae Patton

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