Got Twilight fever?

SheKnows has photos from the fall’s most anticipated film. Twilight lands in theaters November 21 and we have has seen the film and visited with the cast and creative team including Robert Pattinson’s Edward, Kristen Stewart’s Bella, the Cullens and Twilight mastermind, Stephenie Meyer.

Robert Pattison as Edward in TwilightNext week, watch for SheKnows Twilight week as each day brings a new inside look into the Twilight phenomenon’s jump to the big screen.

SheKnows Twilight week:

November 17
The stars of Twilight, Edward and Bella: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

November 18
Meet the Cullens: The family at the heart of the Twilight saga. Get inside the veggie vampires and this centuries old familial unit that makes it work!

November 19
Vampire baddies: Every tall tale needs a villain and in Twilight, they don’t make them any more fierce.

November 20
The women behind Twilight: author Stephenie Meyer, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and director Catherine Hardwicke.

November 21
The Twilight review…hint: It’s fabulous!

To keep you going through the big Twilight week here on SheKnows and in anticipation of the film’s November 21 arrival, here are a series of stills from the film.

A love story

It’s not all running from vampires in Twilight. Edward and Bella’s love story that stirs the plot in the film is what has made the book can’t-miss reading for millions. And what’s at the key to making love work? Laughter!

The lovebirds share a laugh in Twilight

A family tale

Bella moves from Phoenix to the Northwest to be with her dad. At first she’s not so sure about the move, but after witnessing Edward, suddenly she feels at home. The time also allows Bella to connect with her father and reunite with some old friends from when she was little.

Bella first meets Jacob and his dad - Jacob will be a huge character in upcoming films

Up next…Bella and Edward fly and evil finds Edward and Bella