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Will the Obama girls guest on Hannah Montana?

Sure, their dad recently won a new house, but Barack Obama’s girls are big Disney Channel fans and the greatest thing ever has happened! Billy Ray Cyrus has invited Sasha and Malia to appear on his daughter Miley’s hit show, Hannah Montana.

Will mom and dad let the girls be on Hannah Montana?Isn’t that crazy cool!

Disney even issued a statement:

“We’re pleased that Malia and Sasha are fans and, as long as their parents say it’s OK, they are invited to the set of Hannah Montana and all Disney Channel shows, for a guest role or a visit, anytime.”

Right now, we’re sure Sasha and Malia are completely freaking out. Meeting world leaders and living in the White House is really cool, but to a couple of ‘tweens, Obama’s daughters have hit the proverbial lottery.

Whether or not the First Kids will appear on the show is still to be determined. One thing is for sure. First Lady to be Michelle Obama says her biggest priority as First Lady will be to ensure that her daughters have as much of a normal childhood as possible. Appearing on the biggest show for kids on TV may not be a way to ensure that goal.

Come on Mom!

Can’t you already hear Sasha and Malia complaining! Hey you two, you’re getting a puppy, and by the way…there is more than enough fame coming your way.

Congratulations to the family Obama, America’s new First Family.

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