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Dancing with the Stars: week eight in review

This week on Dancing with the Stars, I start off singing a different tune. To quote Len, “this was your best dance ever!”

Lacey and Lance have a chance

All of the couples took it up a notch and that’s probably because the mirror ball trophy is now within their grasp. Sort of! Unless Brooke breaks her leg in the next two weeks, she’s going home with the win and rightfully so.

Getting down to it

Still, there’s a competition a foot and last night they added yet another new twist. Not only did the couples have to perform a ballroom and a Latin dance, the star had to do a 17 second solo! Not as easy as it sounds.

Predictably, Brooke and Derek were on top again though I don’t think they did as well as they usually do. Still Bruno and Carrie Ann awarded top marks for their Tango and I think that was a bad call. I did enjoy their Mambo and Brooke’s hip shaking solo.

Also at the top of the leader-board are Warren and Kym who performed a James Bond Tango that was deliciously theatrical. Watching Warren Jive was also great fun but mostly because of his energy and style and not his technique. His solo was cheeky and he got the audience behind him 100 percent and that’s got to count for something.

Lance and Lacey rose to the top as well, this week with a Foxtrot that was sweet and playful just like the two of them! After that it was a sexy Samba and it may not have been the best, but I really like these two and I hope to see them in the finals.

Will Maurice survive another week?

Are Cody and Maurice done?

The real wild cards this week are Cody and Maurice. Either one could go home tonight (so could Lance, for that matter) and it’s a real toss up.

Cody has managed to hang on even with a change of partners and I thought his Foxtrot was really smooth and it made me smile. He looked so much more grown-up last night! Maybe it was the hair or the costume, or maybe he finally realized it’s now or never. I wasn’t as happy with his Mambo, very little technique but he always delivers in the energy department. If Cody is voted through, Julianne will return to dance with him again. I don’t see him as a finalist but I’d like to see him make one more round.

Mediocre Maurice and Cheryl

Finally we have Maurice and Cheryl. I don’t know what it is about them but they just don’t do anything for me. They’re not bad, but they don’t excite me like the other couples do. This week they had a Quickstep and a Paso.

One of my favorites and one dance I hate. Performance wise, they’re too uneven and I don’t think there is any chemistry between them at all. I’m expected them to be eliminated tonight.

And speaking of tonight, country music star Brad Paisley will perform and Lacey will dance with her brother Benji from So You Think You Can Dance. I’m crazy about all three of those performers so I can hardly wait! See you there.

Catch Dancing with the Stars the performance show every Monday at 8:00 on ABC with the results show on Tuesday at 9 p.m.

Photo by: ABC/Kelsey McNeal

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