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Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon sexy photos leaked

Adrienne Bailon is the latest celebrity to be caught with naked photos on the Internet. Is this even scandal worthy at this point?

The latest celeb with suggestive photos leakedAdrienne Bailon is good friends with Kim Kardashian. In light of the former’s nude photo scandal, it’s obvious what these two spent most of their time discussing.

Naked photos of Vanessa Hudgens – allegedly meant for her boyfriend’s eyes only – were leaked online last year. The consequence for this young actress?

A pay raise for her role in High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Is it any wonder, therefore, that fellow Disney star Adrienne Bailon, has now followed (birthday) suit? The little-known member of The Cheetah Girls claims her laptop was stolen late last week and – the horror! – nude pictures meant solely for boyfriend Rob Kardashian were stolen and posted on the Internet.

Yes, Rob Kardashian is the brother of Kim Kardashian…who rose to fame on the heels of a famously leaked sex tape. What an amazing coincidence!

If Bailon really did pose for pictures that she intended to give to Rob as a birthday present, then she’s an idiot. Welcome to the digital age, honey. You only need to look at a fellow Disney star and a possible future sister-in-law to see what happens when nudity is caught on camera.

But if Bailon really did plan this supposed scandal as a publicity stunt, how much can we blame her for it?

Kim was caught explicitly having sex on camera. Recently, she appeared on mainstream reality show Dancing with the Stars and has likely made millions off photo shoots and appearances.

Paris Hilton would be unheard of if she never made a sex tape. Heck, Ashley Dupre was nothing more than a prostitute who slept with former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and now she may star in her own dating series.

Society rewards sex. The Internet explodes with searches for various celebrities in the buff. People may scoff at Adrienne Bailon now, but who do you think will be laughing the hardest in a year when she’s appearing on Celebrity Apprentice?

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