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Mary Kate Olsen guests on Samantha Who? Plus all-new Gossip Girl, The Hills and CSI: Miami

This past Saturday, I went bowling with the cast of the new TNT show Leverage! Christina Kane, Timothy Hutton, Gina Belman — they were all there having fun and passing on some scoop about their new show. Great party, but there were some tense moments when security started pulling people out of the crowd to scan them like at the airport. The crowd was quickly abuzz, wondering if someone had phoned in a bomb threat or similar!

Then director Dean Devlin took the stage and announced that they had a couple of special guests in the audience; a group of professional thieves whom they hired to teach the Leverage actors how to do what they do! Yikes! The guys who had been scanned started checking their pockets and instead of finding their pockets picked, they found something new, a Three Card Monte set with the Leverage logo on the front of the pack.

If you’ve never seen a magician work close-up magic, it truly is astounding. These “thieves” spent the night lifting wallets, watches and rings and one even made a nickel melt and bend in a woman’s hand. Don’t worry, all personal property was returned to the owner right after the lift, because an illusion is no fun if no one knows it happened.

Leverage comes to TNT on December 7 and I’ll have the full scoop for you a little later on this month. Now let’s look at tonight’s TV schedule.

Tonight On TV – Monday, November 10

ABC begins the night with Dancing with the Stars where each team will take on two dances. Then, Mary-Kate Olsen guests on Samantha Who? and that’s followed by Boston Legal.

Mary Kate visits Christina Applegate on Samantha Who?

On CBS it’s The Big Bang Theory, and then it’s baby talk on How I Met Your Mother. Judith is love sick on Two and a Half Men, Sam gets in trouble with the church on Worst Week, and a prank is pulled in the lab on CSI: Miami.

The CW gets down and dirty with Gossip Girl and that’s followed by a musical episode of One Tree Hill when Peyton puts on a USO show.

According to Fox, it’s the end of the line for someone on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and that’s followed by Prison Break.

Chuck gets smooched by Jordana BrewsterOver on NBC, Chuck has an encounter with an old flame and then Malcolm McDowell, Eric Roberts and Kristen Bell all return on Heroes. The evening ends with My Own Worst Enemy.

Over on cable

Keeping with my magical weekend theme, My Network TV spills the beans with Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed.

Bravo takes a luxury trip to Miami on First Class All the Way, Alton makes homemade crackers on Good Eats, and the Scream Queens go at it again on VH1.

The Hills is new with an aftershow on MTV, TLC has their usual lineup of Little People, Jon & Kate and 17 Kids.

SCI FI Channel has a Lost marathon which may help you untangle the mystery, or it may just confuse you all the more.

News and notable

Speaking of Lost, ABC has set the premiere date for the fifth season. It’s January 21 and it will be a two-hour premiere preceded by a recap show.

Since Lost will be taking Private Practice’s slot, the show isn’t going away. According to TVGuide, Private Practice will have a multi-arc crossover with Grey’s Anatomy in February.

NBC gave Life another chance with an order for the back nine, bringing them up to a full season.

Dylan McDermott has been cast in the lead of TNT’s new police drama The Line.

TVLand is in production on a hidden camera show (wow, do people still watch those) called Make My Day.

Photo credit:
Samantha Who?: Help! – Pictured: Mary-Kate Olsen, Christina Applegate. Photo:ABC/Karen Neal
Chuck: Chuck vs. The Ex – Pictured: (l-r) Jordana Brewster as Jill, Zachary Levi as Chuck — NBC Photo: Michael Ansell

Today’s clip: Heroes flashes back



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